Conjugate heat transfer error

Hi All,

Im getting the following errors

  1. The bodies in the domain are not all connected through interfaces. It is possible that either the model itself is not contiguous, or that some interfaces are missing.

2.Found boundary conditions with pressure values that are likely invalid: Pressure outlet 2. Gauge pressure should be provided for this analysis type and settings (Boussinesq). Please review the pressure boundary conditions because the simulation might fail.

Please help me resolve this


Hello Glenn,

Could you please post the project link, so we can have a look? (the URL of your project works).


Hello Ricardo,

Please find the link of the project

Hello Ricardo,

BTW, i solved the warning regarding pressure!
Only, the other one still persists…



Could you try to export this geometry from your CAD tool in a format other than .stl? Due to how stls work, we are never going to have contacts between the parts.

Here is a list with alternative formats: CAD Preparation & Upload | Simulation Setup | SimScale


Hello Ricardo,

I tried IGES format and it’s working perfectly! thankyou somuch!!


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