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CHT meshing problem

Hello All,

I am newbie with Simscale and openfoam. I made some wrong settings during the CHT mesh generation and finally I have only one surface for the body, so that it is not possible to specify the boundary conditions. (

Any idea where I should made a mistake?

I know the mesh is not perfect and I do my best to familiarise with the mesher, but I have no idea what I tick / untick to get only one surface. I am familiar with the meshers, where I can specify feature edges, which are preserved by mesher and they should be used to split surfaces.

Moreover I have a few questions abou surface preparation and process control:

  1. Is there any chance to break (split) surface based on edges?
  2. Is there any tool to work with feature edges or to stamp bodies to create feature edges for interface definition?
  3. Is there any chance to download whole log (mesher or solver) and not to see only the last 500 rows? 500 rows is sometimes not enough to locate the problems.

Thank in advance for your help.


Hi @Hejca and thanks for reaching out to us!

The non-selectable faces after the Meshing are caused by the CAD handling system. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible. My colleague @sjesu_rajendra or me will keep you up-to-date on that one for sure :+1:

Regarding your questions, I can give you the following information:

  • For splitting in general, please have a look at the following post explaining the capabilities of splitting available on our platform: How to Split an STL geometry into different faces

  • As mentioned in THIS POST it is only possible to view the last 500 lines of the Mesh log. Please give this Feature an upvote to increase its priority. You are not the only one who is asking for it :wink:

@sjesu_rajendra might add some information in case I missed something.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and cheers!


Hello Jousef.

Thank you for your fast answer. I am excited by Simscale. It is powerful and quiet easy to use. Moreover it is cloud based, which allows me to work almost everywhere.
I am looking forward for the improvement in meshing functionality for the CHT application.

Have a nice day.