Enable Viewing the Complete Mesh/Solver Log


How I can I view the entire meshing log? I can only see a chunk of the most recent log. I tried several browsers. Also I downloaded the mesh itself but couldn’t find it in the folders.

CHT meshing problem
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Hi again @Naly!

I am not aware of a method that allows you to see the whole Log File. However the 500 lines given in the Meshing Log are usually sufficient in order to determine errors in faces/volumes and other relevant data which might lead to a poor mesh.

@rszoeke: Any comments on that one? Is there anything planned for the Log?




Hi @jousefm
The Meshing log, I found, is really important in debugging a poor quality mesh. The last 500 lines for example would not show snapping failure foam warning…etc.


@Naly - indeed, this is something that’s currently not possible on SimScale yet but I agree that this is something that would be very helpful in certain situations. I moved this to the “Vote for features” section where now everyone can help prioritize this enhancement. A similar suggestion was made over here Full solver log for the solver log. Both is tracked in the product backlog but hasn’t received so much priority now - let’s see if this changes now.




I see that the length of log we are allowed to see now is 1500 rows, still not enough !!!

I am trying to debug layering issues I am having, I would like entire log, at least back to where it starts layering.

Please sir, I want more… :smile: