CFD Issue with Post-Processing Airflow Visual

Hello there. I am currently conducting a test CFD simulation for a research project on F1 cars, and aerodynamics is one of the subjects of study, so I thought I should learn how to use a CFD and use it. I wanted to first test a car to make sure I understood what went on before I used a legitimate model, and I followed the " Tutorial: Aerodynamics Simulation of Flow Around a Vehicle (Aerodynamic Flow Behavior Around a Vehicle Tutorial | SimScale) that was available on the simscale website. When I got to post processing and reviewing my results however, my result didn’t look the exact same and instead of airflow covering the entire fluid body, it came out as a 2d plane. I am not particularly educated on the specifics of how CFD works, I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could help solve the issue and help me understand what went wrong.

project: []

issue screenshots:


The post-processor acts as a scene builder, where you can apply different filters to obtain insights about the results. In your case, you have a solid color for “Parts color” (i.e. the faces of the model) and you have a cutting plane filter, which will give you results on a certain plane.

I’d suggest that you go through this follow-along post-processing tutorial to learn more about filters in the post-processor.


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I looked through more of the recommended post, I feel a little stupid but I now understand how to use the post processing portion. Thank you so much.