Cant set up external flow

Trying to set up a wind simulation to see how the winds from a certain direction would affect the building/which parts get the most pressure on them.
For some reason, when I try to setup external flow it gives me errors. The model is imported from revit and only has walls windows and floors on it. It seems to have issues mostly with window frames but also some walls too.
Anybody knows what to do?

Hi there, and thanks for using the forum!

Please always include the link to your project, so we can review in detail and provide the best help.

On the other hand, if you are using Revit, perhaps the following articles can help you:

thesis idea 1 | SimScale Workbench

would this be it?

Sure, please also check the articles that I linked above.

Could you please also advise, for this type of job, what kind of boundary conditions would I use?

Hi again!

For external aerodynamic studies, you would use boundary conditions similar to the ones in these tutorials:

I was also able to create the flow region by first doing a Surface Wrap on your geometry: