Can't find where the several flat facet errors are

My model had several errors when I first imported, where I was able to find the error generally was, fix it, and then reimport. However, whenever I click on one of the “flat facet” error is says, “The height of the triangle facet is smaller than the modelling precision. Removing degenerated and extremely small facets can resolve this fault.” it just highlights the entire model and I’m not really sure how to fix it.

I use blender for modelling, export it as an .fbx file, reimport it to CAD Exchanger, and then export it as a rhino file (and then import into SimScale)

(Project File)

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Hello dkim877,

though I would not recommend using Blender as your software for generating CAD from CFD simulations, please try to use .stl for uploading your geometry.

Also please have a look at this page which gives general advice on how to prepare your model.

Alternatively, the wrapper feature within the Edit in CAD Mode can be used to create a solid object which can be used for your simulation.

This is the result I got when wrapping with resolution lvl 10. Please ensure to delete the original faces after generating the wrap before continuing with the external flow volume.

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