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Base Overturning moments and pressure coefficients

Hi there,
I am currently working on project as part of my university degree. I am trying to investigate the aerodynamic benefits of adding a tapered helical form to the CAARC building.

For this i am hoping to investigate the base overturning moments and the pressure coefficients at 2/3 of the building height. If possible could someone provide me with some advice on how i can set these calculation up in Sim Scale. I believe i have the base overturning moment force correct? I am not sure however, on how to set up a way for a pressure measurement at 2/3H on both the windward face and leeward face.

Side note: Any help on what value to normalise all the coefficients (Base overturning moment coefficient and pressure coefficient) would be brilliant!

Any help would be really useful and appreciated.

Please see the project link below


Hi Sam,
i hoped you had a great start to the new year.
please have a look at this post I covers a lot of analysis about a free-standing building.

You can also find a valiudation case on a CAARC building in which you can find information about the setup here:

I hope that this can give you a good start. please let us know if that helps.

Best regards