Axial compressor simulation with MRF rotating zone / multi region mesh error

I’m trying to run a compressible flow simulation of an impeller/diffuser system of my micro gas turbine.
The geometry consists of the Fluid domain and Rotating zone.
I’ve gone with the hex dominant settings for the mesh which gave me mesh consisting of the fluid volume and rotating zone.

I haven’t changed any mesh settings except for its name.
The simulation failed giving me an error that said “A multi-region mesh was assigned - this analysis-type requires a single-region mesh”.
The following picture shows the error.

This is the link to my project :

I’ve referred to the tutorials like that of the centrifugal pump and a project such as this one

I’d be grateful for the help.

Great project @vkarads!

Tagging the @cfd_squad here to give you some input here - there are some good resources in the forum regarding the multi-region mesh. For MRF approaches, you can have a look at the following doc entries:



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thank you @jousefm,
I’ve referred to the links you’ve mentioned before running the mesh. They were really helpful.
But the error still persists.

Looking forward to gaining more insights



A mandatory step, when creating meshes with rotating zones, is to define a cell zone for the rotating zone.

For standard meshes, the steps can be seen in the centrifugal pump tutorial that you mentioned: Fluid Flow Through Centrifugal Pump | Tutorial | Simscale

For hex meshes, the cell zone should be defined with a surface refinement. Taking the project from Ali that you linked as an example, you can see that a cell zone was defined:

Here’s the relevant documentation for cell zones with a hex dominant mesher.

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