Archit:solar radiation, thermal mass and air flow

Hello I am very new to Simscale

I have the idea to model a Trombe wall and install it on a Building.
I wonder how I could simulate :
-the effect of the sun on Trombe wall.
-the amount of heat stored by the wall

  • and how the heated airflow in the building as it channelled down to vent trench heating.

Would you have any idea if I can get accurate results with using Simscale free version I am doing this project for my academic thesis?
I have an existing building being modelled on Revit for this calculation and a local geolocation. And I would like to test few Trombe wall design.

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Hi Simon, this is Fillia :slight_smile:

Your case sounds really interesting! Have you created a new project already? My thought is that you could perform a Convective heat transfer analysis, with the Trombe wall modeled as a heat flux source. Have a look at our user guide regarding thermal wall conditions here:

This project is also similar to what you would perform with this analysis type (even though it doesn’t simulate a Trombe wall):

Feel free to share your project with us!

Best regards,

Hello Fillia

Thanks for your reply. I read through all the document you send me, and it is very interesting. I have started a project there.

Steady state simulation will give me interesting data. In the case of a Trombe wall, I would need to calculate radiation and solar energy absorption in context with the local weather data. But Simscale does not seem to perform direct radiation simulation.

Does anyone know how I could simulate the effect of radiation through glass?

Many thanks for your help.