2 phase with a 2 liquid mixture

I am trying to create a simulation that would simulate a mixture tank of two different liquids along with Air. Imagine a paint mixing tank. At the top we would have air. In the bottom we would have a liquid (water is fine for now). I am using a multi-phase simulation Where I have setup air and water as my two phases. For the Water domain I would like to use water that is white and water that is red. Mixing the two together would give me pink water. I have setup 3 materials Air, Water White and Water Red. The initial condition would be Air in the top domain and 100% Water White in the bottom domain. At the inlet I would like to bring Water Red into the Water White Domain. In the end I would plot the volume fraction of Water Red or Water White. Is there a way to introduce 2 different liquids in a domain and include the air domain?

Here is my current setup.


Hi @eweber!

Some users already asked about such a feature. As already mentioned by you multi-phase flow simulation is the right choice in this case. Unfortunately the solver considers the fluid to be immiscible ergo mixing cannot be considered within the simulation process.

If you want to push this feature, feel free to add it to the list of Feature Requests.



I will do that. Thanks for the reply!