Two phase with liquid mixture

  • Which feature do you need?
    Two phase simulation for gas and liquid which allows the liquid to have multiple materials defined in its domain.

  • What is the problem that you want to address with this feature?
    Liquid mixing tank with sloshing.

  • What is the expected outcome?
    Capability to analyze the free surface interface along with volume/mass fraction of the liquid mixture in the same domain.

  • Can you share application examples, ideally with project links on SimScale?
    Paint mixing simulation where the paint is one color and mixed with another color. We would also be able to analyze the free surface. We can only do mixing in a single phase, or two phase flow with 2 materials only.



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Hi @srbada!

If you want this feature on SimScale make sure to give it a vote! :+1:




I like to see this feature on SimScale too

Am working on project in which I want show the scavenging effects of fresh water on stagnant water in man made island. Currently am try to address it just by velocity difference (different velocity have different color reparation). But Representing this two fluids in different colors will be good for demonstration purpose. This can be quite good application for environmental impact assessment.