Y+ Calculator?

Hello, on this y+ calculator, can anyone explain to me what the Estimated wall distance represents and what the Boundary layer length represents? And does anyone know any great example projects that have good y+ values?

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Frank Lucci

This post should work for your first question.

A good y+ value is such that stays within the y+ ranges for your turbulence model (if you are using wall functions). This has been already answered in other post of the SimScale forum.

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J.A. GutiƩrrez

Adding to @jairogut

A brief description of y+ can be found in this article.

At SimScale for the most time, we use k-w-SST as the wall turbulence model. Therefore choosing a Y+ between 30< y+ <300.

I would say that any project that has the appropriate Y+ values for the flow situation can be considered as a good example :slight_smile:

Best regards Sebastian