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Workshop on Thermal Simulation


good things coming our way: A 3-session online workshop dedicated to Thermal simulation - find more details and the registration over here:

@ahmedhussain18, @Ali_Arafat and @sjesu_rajendra prepared a packed agenda that contains both theory (specifically in the first session, see first animation below) as well as hands-on practical simulation projects (see e.g. second picture).

If heat transfer plays a role in your engineering work, these sessions might be worth your time. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the workshop!



Fig.1: Animation showing different materials heat conduction without convection and radiation. The materials are bonded together to also allow heat transfer between them. Copper shows the best conduction whereas ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shows the least.

Fig.2: Thermomechanical analysis of a spark plug showing the temperature in stresses inside spark plug at high temperature.

Geometry of spark plug is courtesy of Rodrigo from GrabCAD


Another sneak peak: We’ll talk about conductive heat transfer within lamps:

Fig 3.:Thermal analysis of a 15 Watts CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp) considering the effect of internal circuit heating on housing and base.

See you in the workshop!

Geometry of CFL is courtesy of Masoud Deylami from GrabCAD

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