With which program do you model 3d

normally I use blender but when I export my 3d model, it does works because this website doesn’t allow another files. How do you do it?

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You can find a list of supported CAD formats in this page:

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I’ve never really got a handle on Blender, so great effort.
I’ve used the free version of Fusion 360 & you can also use Onshape as these allow the creation of files types that you can import into Simscale. For me, as a Fusion 360 person, I export from Fusion 360 using a Step, Stp or in the past Stl file types with no problem, but Step is generally suggested as the better file option for Fusion. The optimal is a Parasolid file type for Simscale which I see is available in Onshape, but not in Fusion 360. However, with Fusion 360 & also Onshape you can install an app that allows files to be exported to Simscale. directly. The document that @ggiraldof attached is helpful and explains the apps I’ve mentioned.

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