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Wind Loads on an Isolated Building - Validation


Dear SimScalers,

in this weeks spotlight we will have a look at a CFD simulation of wind loads on a building by @kcontractor.


This project analyses the steady-state flow around an isolated building. The aim is to validate the flow around the building against experiments carried out at the Japan Wind Institute. An atmospheric boundary layer profile is implemented at the inflow.

\underline{\textbf{Complete Physical Setup}}


Format: STL

Original Model:


Type: Hex-Dominant Parametric

The geometry was meshed using hex-dominant parametric mesh with refinements. The mesh is shown in figure below.

Nodes: 14320657
1D elements (edges): 0
2D elements (faces): 42547118
3D elements (volumes): 14113642


Type: Fluid Dynamics - Incompressible Flow Analysis

\underline{\textbf{Simulation Details}}


Start time value [s]: 0
End time value [s]: 2000
Time step length [s]: 1
Number of computing cores: 32



\underline{\textbf{Velocity Streamlines imposed on Pressure Contours}}

\underline{\textbf{Longitudinal Velocity Comparison}}

\underline{\textbf{SimScale Project}}

To look at the simulation setup, please have a look at the project from @kcontractor :

Wind Loads on an Isolated Building - Validation

To copy this project into your workspace, simply follow the instruction given in the picture below.

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