Wind impacts on facade with mechanical ventilation, how do I set up my simulation

I am trying to simulate the consequences of wind impact on a building with facade integrated ventilation in the wall.
The ventilation system has a low pressure drop and is sensitive to wind.
I will try to develop an exterior screen that directs the wind away f![1|690x388] rom the ventilaiton unit, so that the system sitting in the wall is less wind sensitive.
I’m in doubt about how I set up my conditions around the ventilation unit. It blows air out of the building at 0.5m / s. But if there is a strong wind against the screen, then the air will in principle be pushed into the building instead.
Can you help me along the way?

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Hi Sebastian, thank you for using the forum!
As you are not using the walls of the building as the external domain of your simulation, it is not possible to assign a velocity inlet on them, as it would normally happen for a typical HVAC simulation. Instead, you have this gap that represents the ventilation system, so what you can do, is to add a momentum source. This way you can control the velocity that the airflow will have in this gap. Does this make sense? Have a look here to learn more about the momentum sources: Momentum Sources | Advanced Concepts | SimScale

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I have been considering this feature but I assumed it is constant.
In this case, there is 10m/s against the exhaust. The exhaust basically blows at 0.5m / s, if the ventilation system not was working up against a back pressure.
Do the function takes into account the back pressure, ie the external wind influence of 10m / s?

Hi Sebastian,

The momentum source will add the velocity that you set for this area to the already moving airflow, and this setting won’t take into consideration the rest of the boundary conditions :slight_smile:

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