Multiple regions error with advanced concepts

Hi Fillia

I have a problem with my geometry.

I get this error when I try to do a simulation. I have 3 solid bodies, and 2 of them I have assigned to an advance concept, so I do not know why I get this error.

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For incompressible analysis, there should only be one flow region, and the rest of the existing parts should be used for advanced concepts. So here everything is alright, except from the fact that you have to introduce these region as cell zones during the mesh creation. In order to do so with the Hex dominant mesher:

  1. Create a surface refinement for these two parts
  2. Enable the 'With cell zones ’ option
  3. Re-create the mesh
    surface refinement
    If you are using the Standard mesher:
  4. Disable the ‘Physics-based meshing’ option in the main tab
  5. Add ‘Cell zone’ sets

cell zones

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