Why is there no high pressure at the bottom of the blade?

I am currently trying to simulate the pressure around a boomerang blade, however after I finish the simulation run, the pressure at the bottom of the blade is low and so no lift would be created by the blade airfoil?

In addition, when refining the mesh using a Cartesian box, the refined mesh is not shown in the end result?

Does my airfoil simply not create lift or have I made an error within the simulation set up?

I have attached some images for reference

Could you please help me regarding this issue?`

Hello! Make sure to post a project link (i.e. the URL of your Workbench).

When it comes to evaluating forces, it’s often easier to get quantitative data by analyzing forces and moments result controls.

Now, of course this setup is somewhat approximated when compared to the real life scenario, as the boomerang will naturally be spinning instead of being ‘stationary’ at the same angle. Not to mention that the flow is likely not going to come straight into the blade, but likely at an angle that changes quickly, etc. It’s a fairly complex scenario, to say the least.