Why is the dispalcement asymmetrical?

In SimScale, the physical components are symmetric around the vertical axis; and the only force is gravity acting through the virtical axis.

Why are the displacement results asymmetric?

Is this an artifact of the math? Or maybe the visualisation?

Or have I created the assymmetry by the way I’ve set up the simulation?

Thanks, Buk.

Hi there, was the model created 100% symmetrically? Then I would suggest you try a finer mesh, and tell us how it goes :slight_smile:

Yes. If you look at the centre of mass it is exactly coincident with the Y-axis (the direction in which gravity acts) in both the X and Z planes; and 4.7mm below the centreline in the Y-axis (as you’d expect given the frame is under the tank.)

I doubled the resolution of the mesh everywhere and re-ran the simulation and again the displacements are asymmetric:

Different to last time, but still biased in a most peculiar way?

I did.

Hi, just quickly stopping by - the model contains a number of interfering parts, between the rubber and the water tank. You should be able to spot those by running an “interference” check in CAD mode.

I’d recommend resolving those.



The idea was to have the model simulate the compression of the rubber parts to check that they would survive the weight and so protect the tank from the steel supports.

I don’t know how to simulat that yet.

I will remove the interfernce and see if that resolves the asymmetry.

Thank you for your time,