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Why is meshing computation time so slow?

I’ve been using COMSOL for several years now and recently decided to migrate to SimScale. Creating a mesh in COMSOL for CFD is substantially quicker than SimScale. I’m running COMSOL on a 4-core i7 processor with 16 Gb of RAM. I was under the assumption that SimScale would generate a much faster mesh considering it can run on up to 32 cores. Additionally, creating refined meshes in SimScale is a pain. COMSOL can automatically generate really good meshes.

I know you can get better results by using parameter meshing, but it is overwhelming and I’m not sure what most of the parameters are. Is there a way of creating good meshes without having to spend hours refining it in SimScale?


Hello @tkassis and thank you for reaching out to us!

I can understand your issue as I also migrated to SimScale from the mighty software Abaqus so to say not that long ago :wink: . Of course every software/platform has advantages as well as disadvantages and at the end of the day you as a user have to decide what suits you most. What you have to take into account though is that software like COMSOL, ANSYS etc. are way older than SimScale having gathered a ton of experience over the years. But we are keen optimizing our platform step-by-step and happy that we have people like you showing what they do like and of course don’t like. This helps a lot!

Something that I would like to point out is the common misconception that if you use the maximum amount of cores will automatically guarantee a “faster” mesh. For that I recommend the following video from SimScale explaining when you have to use a specific amount of cores to get the most efficient mesh (efficient in the sense of time).

$$\underline{\textbf{Supercomputer Power on SimScale}}$$

Please also consider that the jobs you submit take some time to get processed being “in the queue” for a while where on your local machine you can directly start the mesh (it is also queued on your machine but it is not as long as sending it to a server).

Coming to the meshing process itself I would like to mention that we have some good, short tutorials on how to create a mesh without spending hours trying to modify it. Please have a look at them and tell me if you think they are straightforward or should be optimized because they are not intuitive enough, poorly explained etc…

Click for Meshing Tutorials

Again thank you very much for your feedback and I hope that I could help a bit overcoming the obstacles you were facing so far. Please let me know if I can do anything else for you!

Cheers and Happy SimScaling!


Thanks for the info.