Why heat is not transferred to fluid and heat distribution only shown in plane

I am seeking to demonstrate if which method, sucking air into a casing or blowing air outside the casing is more effective in lowering the temperature of a chip in Raspberry pi…

Firstly, my simulation is showing heat distribution only in a plane that is in the middle. Is there a way to show heat distribution in 3D for the whole fluid instead of a plane?

Secondly, I would like to show the heat flow moving where mine is stagnant.

Lastly, despite the chip having temperature of 80 degrees celsius , why the heat is not being transferred to the fluid which is air in this case. Is there a way to solve this issue.

You can see the red part which is the chip but region around it is blue.

***Please look at Run 2
FinalTrial | SimScale Workbench

Hi nniloy,

  1. A way to display the temperature is by using a isosurface / volume
  1. for the moving heat flow you can use particle traces colored in temperature.
    Integrated Post-Processor | Post-processing | SimScale

  2. For me it seems like there is a heat transfer but with a very bad heat transfer coefficient. You can change that by either increasing the air velocity at that area or switch to a material with a better heat transfer coefficient.

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