What is Sweep Meshing and how to apply it

Sweep meshing is a meshing technique enabling a body face to be meshed and then be swept through the respective body. The mesh is swept from a start to an end face (which should be geometrically identical). Both faces should belong to the same body and the sweeping path should also “follow” the shape of the start/end faces. A body can be called “sweepable” when all of the characteristics above are valid.

The Sweep meshing technique is available at SimScale as a Mesh Refinement Object.


This technique allows SimScale users to build higher quality meshes of typically lower cell counts, when compared to purely unstructured tetrahedral meshes.

When setting up a Sweep Mesh refinement, you can control the number of elements across the sweep path by either specifying the desired number of elements or their respective thickness. You can then choose the desired surface element type, which currently can be either triangular or quad-dominant and finally specify the start and end faces.


There is this public project available where Sweep Mesh is used to model a bolted flange more efficiently. Please have a look