What can I change?

I’m trying to produce downforce . I don’t know if my mesh is correct or why the simulation run failed.
Hope you can help.



Your project seems to be set to private, can you please switch it to public, or at least enable ‘share with support’?


now it should be. I did it with share, hope it is correct.

What is the size of the mesh? I can see that you started a new one.


cartesian Box is smaller but has a length of 25, width 3 and hight 3

Sorry, I meant in terms of number of cells, should have been more specific.

Region refinement 1: 0.02
Local element size 2: 0.006

Maybe it isnt the right answer, I didnt read about it in the program.

I think that this mesh is too big in terms of cell count (38.1 million), and this is the cause of the error because the largest machine available to you has not enough memory to handle it.

In order to reduce the mesh size, I recommend you to:

  1. Reduce the size of the flow region.
  2. Reduce the size of the refinement region.
  3. Increase the refinement lengths.

For a guide on the flow region proportions (with respect to the vehicle size), please check what is done in this tutorial:

It’s done. I’ll keep you updated when I have questions. Thanks

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