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Welcome! - Introduce yourself :)


are these people look’n to me! lol!


Name is Gene, faring from USA, 20 years+ ME. Background in many industries, Defense, Energy, Medical, Automation, Optics. Got pointed here by Onshape. Very exited by the latest browser based FEA and CAD developments, that are finally affordable enough for individual professionals and hobbyists. Long overdue. Thank you guys.


Hi @Inca, welcome to SimScale community! Looking forward to seeing your projects here soon! Cheers!


Hello everyone!

I’m a final year mechanical engineering degree student and currently doing some studies on aerodynamics on rear spoilers for cars for my final year paper. I am really awed by the capabilities of Simscale! Really wished I found it sooner!

Looking forward to learning more from everyone here.


Hi @lesterneo, welcome to SimScale community! I am glad to know that you like it! Feel free to post any questions and share the knowledge! Cheers!


Hey @lesterneo! Welcome to SimScale! You can have a look at this project to get yourself started with the platform. Cheers!


Hello everyone
I am about to finish my PhD in UPC, BarcelonaTech and work on High-order method for CFD simulation of compressible Navier-Stokes equations. My background is in aerospace engineering and I am enjoying using SimScale for simulation, and learning a lot of real world engineering simulation here.
It’s great and easy to use and the idea of bringing simulation to every engineer with cloud is a big thing in my opinion!
Keep it going! Cheers!


Hello, Everyone!
I am a Professional Engineer in the United States. My background is Mechanical and Process engineering and I work with industrial clients to optimize their processes and facilities. I am a long time user of commercial CFD codes but over the last few months I have been looking at using OpenFOAM and other open source codes. In terms of this software I am a complete newbie.


Hello everyone!

I have an Industrial Engineering degree, but since graduation, I’m drawn towards engineering design and simulation. I hope to pursue a master’s degree program in mechanical engineering. I attended the recent F1 Workshop and it has been a great learning experience for me.

To the people at Simscale, thank you for taking the time to create and deliver these great workshop sessions!


Hi everybody,

I am working in germany as a mechanical engineer in industry. I am participating in the current webcast series and are quite surprised how good this software runs in the cloud.

I also want to thank the staff at Simscale for these great tutorials, webcasts and platform!


Hi Friends, I am Pratheep from India.I am doing my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering.I have one more year left to finish my studies.I dont have a proper guidance or clarity on what to do after my Engineering.I have done some courses like CREO,ANSYS and CATIA.What should i do after my Engineering to survive in this Competitive World.Kindly suggest ur views


Hello Guys,

Myself Praveenkumar,working as Sr,PCB designer in an MNC company and I was using other CFD tools for Board level and System level thermal simulation(Thermodynamics),now i am very much interested to learn this tool,
New to this tool hope I get help from this forum to learn new things and also to share knowledge what ever I have.



I am a Mechanical Engineer with a masters’ concentration in Thermofluids. I am interested in several distinct applications of CFD and have had some years of experience with commercial software. Since graduate school, I always had an interested in OpenFoam and I am happy to find SIMSCALE as a good bridge with a very nice GUI. I am interested in learning more from it and hopefully as it grows in its capabilities it can become my main CFD tool. Because of my lack of experience in OpenFoam I have several questions which might relate to it more than to SIMSCALE but for me it is a little hard to tell which belongs to which. I hope this forum can help me to understand the tool better and help the community so we all grow as a whole. I intend to use this tool for both my personal projects and if successful also implement it in my current company.


@oscarcorripio, glad to have you here in the forum :smile: Looking forward to the discussions and projects.

We also have some OpenFoam experts here who I’m sure would be happy to answer any questions you may be having [@dylan, @Ali_Arafat, @gholami, @Maciek, @psosnowski]


Thanks a lot!, I really appreciate the support that you give. Looking forward to creating good and interesting projects with SIMSCALE.


Hello everyone,

My name is Mario El Kodsi, I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering at FH Aachen. I just finished my theoretical studies and I’m developing my skills while looking for a project to base my thesis on. A friend of mine is doing his Final Year Project(FYP) based on FEM, so I decided to learn about it and if possible help him in his project.

I hope to learn a lot from all of you!
Mario El Kodsi


@Mario_Kodsi - you sound like an awesome friend! Welcome to SimScale! We have a Workshop starting this week for makers, students, and hobbyist which I’d definitely recommend to get an intro, you can check it out here:

See you around :smile:


halo everyone, Im praveen from andhra pradesh, I complated in mechanical engineering this year, I like to go on with my higher education on automobile engineering, my aggregate is 67% on, help me out to take everything that I can from me, I really like working with engines.
Im very happy to b one in this community,
thankq all…


@kdurga_praveen, thanks for the nice introduction - I look forward to learning more about engines and automobile engineering from you!


hello everybody,

my name is hendra. i’m from indonesia. maybe i need some help because i’m new with cfd analysis.
maybe im too many questions because of that