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My name is Shajia Ali, I am from Berlin (Germany) and I am currently doing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Berlin Institute of Technology. My interest in CFD grew while I was working on my bachelor thesis. I did some numerical simulations to examine a new concept of a heart pump. Despite doing a lot in that examination, I still consider myself as a beginner. I just started having CFD lessons at Uni and I hope to expand my knowledge in here. Your concept sounds pretty much exciting!

I am looking forward to exchange my knowledge with Yours!




:smiley: Hey guys,
I am Uzair Mahmood from Islamabad [Pakistan],doing my bachelors in mechanical engineering from Uet(Taxila). While studying FEM in my final year i came across the basics of Abaqus and Ansys.
But i found them more detailed and vast in performing simulation on my fyp model(ornithopter),whereas simscale looks easy to grasp,getting access to workshops,resources and most importantly the staff.

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Hello everyone!

I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in civil engineering at George Mason University in Virginia. My few academic years getting familiar with FEA simulations has involved mostly static scenarios (some impact and drop test), but with my focus being in hydraulics, I would like to better understand how to take advantage of CFD analysis in closed and open systems. As a side note, from a student who does not have a huge hardware/software budget, thank you SimScale. I specifically want to thank the developers and all the wonderful people making SimScale a reality. You are the real MVPs! I have been looking for a practical solution for remote simulation and I think this will be the start of something great!



As a fellow Persian I say, “Salam! Chetori?” :smile:

Taking interest in hydraulics myself, I must say your background looks very impressive!

You mentioned a focus on cavitation in your work and I was wondering if you have any experience with open channel flow simulations? I ask mainly because I am interested in analyzing the eddy currents that propagate around bridge and pier supports (as they relate to scour) and any advice would be greatly valued.

It looks like there is some good starting projects that are provided through SimScale, but if you have any tips or guidance on setting boundary conditions that would be helpful.



Hi @Aleksanr7364, @shajia, @uzair_m, @amircodes. Glad that you are joining us :smile:


hello there ,
my name is ali afifa ,i am from syria and i am studying design and production engineering at al baath university . i am so happy to joined this forum …i hope to learn so much from topics here Especially about Heat treatment of steels and other metals …And I really want to develop my knowledge of mechanical engineering through the wonderful people and the owners of the experience here in this scientific field …i am so glad to be with you all
In free time I Play a music and play some video games as well as to improve my English languge as much as possible
thanks all
have a nice day


Hi everyone.
My name is Harshada Gurav. I am doing masters in “Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Engineering”. I am from India.
I feel very glad and lucky to be part of this community. I find it very useful as I am taking help of Simscale for my academic project.
Thank you.


Hello Agata, my name is Unziku stephen from Uganda iam beginer how will i start the course


Hey @steun47 ,

see the following video for starting:

Futhermore you should have a look at :



Happy simulating!


Or you can also start directly at our dedicated learning page:


Hello All! This is Vijaya Sekhar Gullapalli and am very glad to be part of this forum. I am generally a computational enthusiast am interested in the areas of computation, geometry, optimization, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. I currently live and work in Sweden.

I like the idea of using the browser interface to the simulation process and am looking forward to explore more on the features of Simscale. I congratulate and greatly appreciate Simscale for all the computation hours, storage and functionality they provide for community users.

I am currently trying out some thermal simulations but am looking forward for exploring CFD and structural options in the coming days.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Murat. I am from Turkey. I am currently working as a postdoctoral research associate at University of Wyoming, in the USA.
I obtained by bachelors degree at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey (Mechanical Engineering), my master degree at University of Nevada, Reno in Nevada, USA (Mechanical Engineering), and my PhD degree at West Virginia University in West Virginia, USA (Civil Engineering).
Since I started my master degree, I have been working on CFD related research projects. Our team has currently been working on CFD using ANSYS Fluent. We also want to use OpenFOAM in order to compare our results with the ANSYS Fluent, and analyze the efficiency of running multiple cases using both software. While I was searching online for the availability of the OpenFOAM software in Windows environment, I found SIMSCALE, and since then I joined here, learning the software by working on a test case. I am glad to join here this CFD community, and to have the opportunity of sharing knowledge and experiences with everyone. Even though I am pretty new here, I am thinking this is a very good environment for working on CFD.



@mrtdnc - great to have you on board! We are doing a lot of comparisons and validations ourselves - if you can share any of your findings, that would be highly appreciated! Happy simulating!


My Name is Vaibhav K Iyer and i 'm from India . Am doing mechanical engineering as a degree.
I am very glad to meet fellow Mechanical engineers, thanks to SIMSCALE!!
I would like the forum’s help in guiding me in pursuing my further studies abroad.

I’m very passionate about Football and computer gaming!


Welcome @vk_iyer, glad to have you here :smile:


Hello all!! Myself Ajinkya from India. I am a final year student pursuing mechanical engineering. I am a huge motorsports fan and an automobile enthusiast! I also like playing guitar and listening to metal music. I want to learn to use SIMSCALE because it’s a great platform for simulations. It can enable a person to develop their own car or any other device. It’s a real pleasure for me to learn such a great simulation tool! Kudos to all you guys who are working on it! :grinning:


Hi @ajinkyabhagat94! Thank you for the kind words about SimScale - I look forward to seeing your projects :smile:


Hello Munich team.
You guys has done some amazing job with Simscale. I was initially interested only in CFD but there is more than just CFD with SimScale.

My name is Chien-Ee. I was quite active in CFD back in 2000-2005 with using ANSYS product - primarily focus on VoF method and interface tracking. But have since departed from that due to inaccessibility and lack of interest with the industry that I’m currently.

I found out about SimScale through Onshape which is a cloud based 3D modelling application. With 3D modelling as a basis to start the geometry and SimScale to kickstart back my interest in CFD, I’m really excited with all the possibilities.

Hope that I can devote more time in CFD like I used to be. Great job again. Keep it up.


Hi @chienee - welcome, it’s great to have you here in the forum!


nice Pawel! it would be my pleasure to work with you on some of my projects.