Wall Shear Stress into Paraview


I transfered a simulation to open.foam files, but it doesn’t have the wallShearStress parameter. Is it possible to retrieve it somehow, or I will need to run a simulation again in OpenFOAM? If I need to run another simulation on OpenFOAM, is it possible to run it only in the last timestep?
I’ve searched a lot about this situation, and it seems you can’t calculate wallShearStress in Paraview itself, only on OpenFOAM.

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To include the wall shear stress you need to request the field before running the simulation:

After doing this and running the simulation again, the wall shear stress field will be available in the downloaded results.

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Thank you very much for you reply and help @ggiraldof !


If for some reason you are not able of re-running the case, you may post-processes the wall shear stresses in OpenFOAM without running the case all over again. This would be a nice request to add in SimScale.