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Ventilation simulation of push / pull systems

I see more push / pull ventilation systems with heat recovery coming. This solution is with a regenerative ventilation principle.
The product works by sucking air out through a regenerator (heat accumulator). Dirty air is sucked out for eg 60 seconds. Then the fan changes direction of rotation and now blows in fresh air which is passed through the regenerator and heated.

I am interested in simulating this process. This means that I have an inlet that after 60 seconds becomes an outlet. I also think the approach should be a transient simulation.
Another challenge is to involve heat recovery. At the beginning of the course the supply air temperature will be high and at the end of the process the supply air temperature is reduced, is there any here who have an idea of how this is set up in the simulation??


Thanks for the detailed description. Do you happen to have a geometry for this project as well?

On a side note, based on your description, it does look like a transient analysis. In a general sense, transient analysis are more costly than steady-state analysis, especially when we are interested in running over longer periods of time (like you are).

In short, for transient analysis, you are able to define time-dependent conditions by clicking on these icons:

Both table and formula inputs are available.

If I may ask, are you looking to run this analysis professionally, or mostly for hobby? I don’t think you would be able to run this with a community plan, given the runtime limitations (30000 seconds).



Thank you for the answer

It is just a hobby case, and I just want to look at the model for about 600 sec.

Is it possible to use Velocity inlet as an outlet?

the two square plates by the wall are the push pull system, when one blows in sucks the other out:

I have just made this project, but i dont know what I need to do with my inlet/outlet

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Hi @Ricardopg
I just tried to run a simulation but without success, I tried to make a Custom In- outlet. But it failed

Can you spot my mistakes

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