Ventilation of an aircraft cabin - CFD for HVAC analysis

@sjoshi’s latest project shows how ventilation systems of rooms can be analyzed in order to optimize the comfort of passengers. Find the library project here: Ventilation of an Aircraft Cabin or import the project directly via

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hey brother, hope you are fine.
I am a student, can you please send me the geometry of Aircraft Cabin as shown above.

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Hi @saltaf,
Just download the geometry and then upload again or re-import the geometry and then setup the simulation,
Hope it will work.

Thanks for the help.
Can you please tell me how to increase the number of seats and length of the cabin?

You can do this using CAD software, may i know which CAD software you use for CAD modeling?

Hello Mr. Hamza
I can`t find the download link for geometry of Aircraft Cabin above.
Please sent it to me on below mail

Hey @hima_shababgam,

This geometry is used in a workshop and this is the auto import link for the project, which also contains the geometry.