Velocity profile along the rear part of Ahmed body

I want to obtain data of the velocity profile along the rear part of my Ahmed body so then I can compare it with the results published and hence validate my model. I have been told that it is possible to draw a couple of vertical lines in Simscale (as seen in the image) at the wake of the model to obtain this velocity data, but I do not know how to do it… Could you help me with this?
Many thanks.

Hello pl00447

You can have a look at how to use a cutting plane and the statistics tool of SimScale here:

You can also create this plot within ParaView.
You can see how to export to ParaView here:

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Hello, thanks for your reply. So I guess that the only way to “draw” those vertical lines would be to do it in Paraview right?

Yes, the other option is to use probe point data, which are on the line which you want to analyze.

You can see how to use them here.

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And once I create those points in the simulation tree, for a simulation that has already been run, will I have to re-run the simulation all over again so that the points appear on my results?

Unfortunalty, yes.
You can use the inspection point tool, but this will give you the result on where you click and not based on a coordinate.

So to be more accurate I would use a probe point result control item.

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