Velocity in a point

I’m doing an Incompressible simulation, and I would like to know if there is a way to see the air velocity in one (or even more) point. Is there a configuration to this without being at the velocity scale at the post-processing (the one that we see the colors)?

Thank you!

Hello luisdamaso

please have a look at this page on how to use inspection points and the statistics feature to asses certain flow characteristics at points / sections,

Best reards Sebastian

Hi luisdamaso
I don’t know if you are also aware of the ability to place points within the simulation to test for velocity etc.

You can create these probe points prior to the simulation by clicking on the heading of the simulation, then on the right hand side under Geometric primitives you can create ‘sample’ probe points so you can compare simulations for the exact same coordinate, but I do like the new integrated post processor as earlier mentioned by @SBlock

Anyhow, you possibly know this already but if you don’t I hope this assists.