Velocity Field divergence error

I keep the error that velocity is diverging. The point of divergence is on the tip of the wing. I tried resolving it at the mesh quality tab but nothing shows up, so im not sure what I can do. Here is the to the project. Please take a look at the simulation. Thank you.

Link :

Hi Marcus,

Welcome to the SimScale Forum, i see this is your first time posting!

I just took a quick look at your project and I saw that you managed to get a successful simulation after you mentioned the error you got.

You correctly managed to identify the issue with plotting the probe point at the location where the velocity diverged. That location is a bit tricky as your CAD topology or the thickness at that location is becoming very small almost degenerating to a point. The correct way to approach this would be either to modify the CAD a bit or add some local refinements, which you did so that is great!

The only remark that I have is to change the wall BC on the wing from Slip to No-Slip. Apart from that the setup is correct.

One small additional note - in the result control the definition for the force and moment coefficients:
The lift should be defined along the y-axis instead of the z-axis.

Also if you are trying to analyze a stall condition, kindly refer to this forum post as it provide relevant information on how to approach such a study.

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Hi Khairi

Thanks for the help, Think I got it working now

Kind Regards