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Vehicular fan - How to configure it?


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Dear Friends,

To configure vehicular fans I have done it in the following way:
I have been configuring a volumetric output in extrusion(cut) and immediately afterwards the same volume is set as inlet. In this way I can increase the speed of the fluid without increasing or decreasing the amount of air inside.


Unfortunately for transport of species I can not do that because I would lose concentration of the species. Therefore, I have the following question: Is there any way to connect the output results with the input results?
Is there any other way to set up vehicular fans in the enclosures?

I have asked this question several times, maybe someone here can help me :slight_smile:

HVAC contest have me pensive


Hi @camilomati: I suggest to use Momentum sources. You can do it in two ways:

  • From within SimScale, by defining appropriate geometry (cylinder)
  • In your CAD, designing the cylinder in a volume and importing whole geometry.

Please take a look at project about using momentum sources. Mind that you do not need to create a cavity at all.




hahaha ! I had not seen your project, it’s wonderful to be able to do it that way !!!

Congratulations, you used the simscale options very creatively


Hey Camilo!

Maybe this actuator disk simulation helps you as well: The project also has a link in the description which shows how the momentum source works.




Camilo: I’m happy you appreciate my bizarre way of playing with serious CFD software! :blush: I had a lot of pleasure discovering nature ‘secrets’ with SimScale simulation.