Uploading from Ansys ICEM and Salome

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Can I mesh first in Ansys ICEM or Salome and after that import my cad with meshing to Simscale?

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Please check the following page for instructions on how to prepare and upload meshes created locally (thanks to @TedBurke for bringing this up):

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I note the following…
At the bottom of the helpful referenced article byggiraldof it says…

Mesh Upload

Besides creating mesh within the platform, users have the facility to use meshes created with other tools, e.g. Salome, by uploading them directly to the platform. Find out more about mesh upload here.

Which references this mesh uploading document…

But it refers to a ‘uploading mesh’ drop down in the browser tree, which I’ve not seen in the Free community licence, or maybe the document needs updating given upgrades/changes to Simscale?

Interesting, but …que se passe-t-il :slight_smile:


Hi Ted,

Thanks for bringing this up!


Yes, I double checked and it is possible to do. Correcting my original response also @adream

you mean that, I can upload meshing file from Salome and Ansys ICEM?

If you read the document, it specifies which mesh formats are accepted:

  • MED (.med) (version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3)
  • OpenFOAM (.foam) native mesh format (ASCII only)

If you export such format from your program, and it is prepared as described, it should work.