Union Help

Hello, we are trying to unionize our model, imported from OnShape, with 41 parts. Here’s the link for that:
We are unable to unionize all the parts of our model. This is our original model.

And this is our unionized model.

Could you please help us resolve our issue as soon as possible? Your help would really be appreciated.

Thank You so much in advance.

Hello @malavp,

If I may ask, what exactly is the final result that you would like to obtain with the geometry preparation?

I noticed that you successfully ran a boolean/combine operation in the geometry, obtaining a single volume from the 40 original volumes:

  • Original model:

  • After the boolean/union operation:

Were you trying to achieve a different result?


Thank you so much for your reply. If you try to see the inside of this model by changing the render mode, it doesn’t show those blocks that were in the actual model. This is the model of the gym and we want to make our inlet the small circle on one of the cuboids drawn inside the model. But, in order to do that we need to union all the parts including the small circle and the blocks. Do you know why is it not working?

I believe there is an issue with terminology. If you were intending to perform an union operation, then you have already done it correctly.

However, from your description, it sounds like you are interested in running a boolean/subtract operation with the internal volumes:

This will leave the negative representation of those blocks in the flow region.


Hello, I believe the subtract operation is not working on our model. I kept my target body as Part 11 - 40 and tool bodies to be Part 1. It shows me this error. You you know why this could be an error? We are trying to create something exactly like our previous model after union/subtract. We’ll set the inlet to be one of those blocks inside and blow cough from there.
Here’s the new link: