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Types of wind tunnel

Hai everyone,

I am performing a external flow simulation. I have imported geometry in the form of STEP file, I have generated wind tunnel mesh, my question is

  1. Can we generate a cylinderical wind tunnel domain?
  2. Can we export SimScale mesh in the form of ‘.msh’ file?

Hi @Vinaykumar!

  1. This is unfortunately not possible yet. Can you explain why you would need a cylindrical wind tunnel - I am sure we can work around this barrier.

  2. Maybe this thread helps you out: .msh - file discussion

@Get_Barried & @Anware, please add your comments if you have additional thoughts.



Hi everyone,

I believe Jousef is right and a work around is possible with regards to simulation of an object within a wind tunnel. Do let us know what type of analysis you’re planning to perform.