Exporting SimScale Mesh To Ansys Fluent


Hello fellows,
I’m working on an university project considering CFD analysis. I’m working on both SimScale & Ansys Fluent in parallel. I’m asking if there’s a way to export a mesh that’s I’d created in SimScale to be used in Ansys Fluent?
The only mesh formats file extensions that Ansys Fluent support are: “.cas” “.msh” “.cas.gz” “.msh.gz”

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Hi @AmrHitch!

I think there is no possibility at the moment exporting from SimScale to such data formats (correct me if I am wrong @rszoeke). However you could download the mesh and probably export it from Salome with the extension you need (checking later on if it’s supporting the data format you need). Will do some research and let you know. In the meantime @PowerUsers_CFD might give you some good tips on that one.




I am not an expert on CFD meshing but I think there was at least a utility called “foamMeshToFluent” which would convert an openFOAM mesh to a fluent mesh. You can generate the openFOAM mesh using the Hex-dominant mesh algorithms and download these. If you have a running OpenFOAM installation on you local machine you should be able to convert the downloaded mesh to fluent, though i can’t help you with the details.



Thank you @jousefm for your advice, I never used salome before but I will try to figure that out. keep me updated if you knew something to be done. thank you again.

@rszoeke nfortunately I don’t have openFoam and I don’t know how to use it. Thank you.


Hi @AmrHitch!

I think what @rszoeke was referring to was to use the implemented Hex-dominant mesh algorithm on our platform which will enable you to download the mesh created. Let’s try it with Salome (which I unfortunately do not have on my machine now) and tell me if it works.

All the best!



Hi @AmrHitch, @jousefm,
I found this old post from the salome forum : http://hmf.enseeiht.fr/travaux/projnum/content/g18-2012/export-vers-fluent-ou-starccm

If thats still the case, you don’t need Salome, but still OpenFOAM. Apparently GMSH can also export *.msh files, but I am not sure if they are compatible with fluent.