Trouble Simulating Laminar Flow in a Room (Supply and return air)

I’m having troubles finding a tutorial detailed enough to help me with this simulation.

Basically it’s an artillery gallery/training facility for police. There is a supply air first going through vents, then through a perforated wall, and then into the room. On the opposite side you can see there is a return vent that takes the air out of the building on the opposite side of the room.

I need to demonstrate the airflow, through the vents and perforated wall, but don’t know how to do this. I’ve got all of the measurements of air, etc. ready to go, just don’t know where to input the data and run the simulation.

If it helps, I can share the model to clarify what everything looks like
Could someone walk me through this, step by step? I am totally new to simulation.

Thanks so much!

Hi Antonio!

Perhaps these tutorials can help you to learn the workflow for such simulation: