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Transient simulation questions and errors

I’m trying to use passive scalars to simulate moisture-content througout the room due to showering, as well as the time it takes for the room to be homogenous (passiv scalar similar in the whole room).

For this, I want to turn the passive scalar source “ON” for a certain time, then turn it off and let the room “clear” of this scalar. How can this be obtained?

Also, I have tried to run this without the “ON/OFF”, but when doing so I get error “Solution diverged…”:

When running the same simulation as steady-state, I get no errors, so I dont think the error is about the mesh. Does someone have an idea of what I could try to change?

Link to the project: SimScale

Hi jjohnstad,
in regards to the mesh error please have a look at this article about how to check for mesh quality.

As of right now i don’t see a method to turn passive scalar sources on and off.
What you can do, is to use a subdomain to have an initial higher value for the passive scalar and let that simulation converge into a steady-state, which should give you the same result.

Pleas let us know if this helps you with your question
Best regards