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Transient simulation: Failure due to solution divergence


Hi there!

I am Ivan Tan :slight_smile: I’m new to Simscale and wanted to do a transient simulation on the “Data centre cooling” example posted by Simscale

I would like to observe how the average temperature of the room/ at a particular point, changes over time.

Here’s my project!

Unfortunately, I have not managed to run my simulation successfully, with the repeat error of: The solution diverged, most likely due to presence of bad elements in the mesh …"

Here’s the geometry:

Here’s a screenshot of the error log: image

I tried including additional refinements (surface and region) but to no avail. I’ve only been running coarse meshes.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


@CFD-SQUAD, any tips for our user here?




Hi @e0309248,
As the simulation’s event log suggest the error is mainly due to the mesh size, try to refine your mesh as shown on the tutorial and give it a spin again, hope this time it will work fine.
Happy SimScaling
Stay safe and healthy
Hamza Baig