Transient Data Regarding the Stabilization Interval of a Fan

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The purpose of this topic is to address an important doubt I have regarding the simulation capabilities of SimScale, which will dramatically help with the completion of a current project I am working on. Suppose I want to study the behavior and characteristics of a fan throughout its transient and steady state intervals. Using SimScale, I can study the steady state part of the behavior in a much straightforward way. However, I seem to not find a way to do the same with the transient part of the behavior, which will take place at the starting motion of the fan until it stabilizes. Therefore I ask:

  1. How can I extract and visualize data regarding this pre-stabilization or transient interval using SimScale?
  2. Can I get the change of rotational motion throughout the transient interval using the freestream velocity of the wind as the input?
  3. Can I get the change of freestream velocity of the wind throughout the transient interval using the rotational motion as the input?

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  1. when you do a transient simulation you can activate the animation filter in the post-processor to analyse the time dependent behaviour
    New Integrated Post-Processor | Post-processing | SimScale

2/3. What I would suggest you do is to ramp up the rating motion and keep the inlet as a constant pressure inlet

the other way around would be quite difficult and I don’t know a way that this is possible in SimScale.

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