Tracer residence time distribution

I am reading the below blog regarding tracer RTD, and wonder if this in fact can be achieved in simscale?
As described in this blog, to get a tracer RTD, you need to first get a steady state flow field, then inject tracer for a transient simulation and track tracer concentration at outlet of the reactor. Is this process possible in the current version of Simscale?


Hey @zzzddd

First thing I thought about is to add a passive scalar as some sort of tracer into the flow. However I am not sure which fluid model you want to choose. CFD Squad, in case you want to contribute here and have some experience in these kind of simulations.



Thanks Jousef. Yes, the issue is that tracer injection should start after a steady state flow field has been established. So I wonder how the author of this blog was able to do this using Simscale.


This is a feature that could be really helpful to people working on reactor analysis, environmental dispersion, fire/smoke analysis and so on. If it is not available in the current version, would it be difficult to add it to future version?


Hi @zzzddd!

Feature requests can be put in this section: Product Feedback - SimScale CAE Forum - thanks!



Has there been any progress on adding a feature like this? It would be incredibly useful