Thermal Cooling of A Electric Motor

I am attempting to calculate the temperature change of water running through channels, when subject to a cylinder (motor) which produces 2000W of thermal losses.
However, I keep running into this issue, any advice?

Hi @jmenear,

Thanks for posting your question. We have built this detailed page showing how users can handle this issue, please take a look at that and let us know if this is helpful.


Still struggling to fix the issue, is there any way I can share my simulation with you?

Absolutely, just copy and paste the URL here, pretty straightforward :slight_smile: , appreciate the help.

Any ideas?

Hi again @jmenear,

Sorry for the delay, but your simulation setup seems to be pretty well. The issue that you are getting is related to divergence (commonly linked to mesh setup). As it is a very common issue, please take a close looking at this page following the steps to figure it out, and let us know how it goes.