Thermal Comfort Analysis

I am trying to do a convective heat transfer and have created the internal flow region and boolien the solid. But I have trouble understanding how I am able to select windows, walls, occupants if the geometry that will be used is the internal flow region geometry (the negavtive space) instead of the original model.

I am looking at the meeting room thermal comfort analysis. Does it mean I have to create the saved selections first so I can easily create the boundary conditions ?

Hi @h_tai0220201, thanks a lot for posting at our forum :slight_smile:

Creating the saved selections should be a great idea!

Make sure to select people, furniture, etc. and apply to each the corresponding boundary condition.

Try following the exact steps in this tutorial, as I think they might be relevant to you.


I have been following this tutorial, it took me quite a while to understand what it meant. So far I followed all the instructions and have looked into the sample project but I still have trouble running the simulation. According to the errors, it is the boundary conditions.

If I am working with the flow region, how can I select the saved selections from the original geometry? or should I create save selections based on the flow region?

Hi @h_tai0220201,

You should select them within the flow region :slight_smile: