The results are not showing

Hello, everyone!

I was working on this project ( for a rocket junction, running different simulations with different meshes trying to get my result to converge. But the last two runs (0.002 - 0.0015 and 0.002 - 0.0013), even though sucessfly completed, do not have the “Show the post-process results” button.

I was having problems with the simulations I carried out before those two and I had to delete the option of “Volume calculation” on Results Control, as a possible way to solve the Hard Disk Full warning (Instance Hard Disk Full | SimScale Documentation | Knowledge Base). Maybe I changed a configuration that I could not have been changed, but now I can figure out what it is.

Could I have some guidance here?

Hi @srocketry ,
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After reviewing your setup, here are my pointers:

  1. By default certain “Solution fields” are enabled. This will make sure you have atleast some results written out.
  2. Please keep them enabled to get some results.


Here is a sample run I am running with some solution fields, this should have the results option enabled.

Happy to assist further.
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