The meshing failed due to a self intersection in the mesh on the following entities:


I am trying to run a simulation of an F1 car.

When i mesh it i get an Error: The meshing failed due to a self intersection in the mesh on the following entities: face539@Flow region, face539@Flow region. The exact position is printed at the end of the Meshing Log. Learn more.

I need some help of figuiring out whats the problem. I am using it for a very important School Paper and appreciate any help i can get.

My Project link: Formula 1 nr 24 | Automotive | SimScale

Thanks to anyone in advance

Hello there,

Following error states that the tire face is self intersecting, and needs to be fixed/cleaned for succesfull surface mesh elements. You can find the necessary operations on the following page.

Here are some extra tips for your particular geometry to generate succesfull meshes:

  1. Currently your flow domain consists of both external and internal parts of the F1 car. If you are only interested in the external aerodynamic behaviour of the car (drag force etc.), my recommendation is to close these internal parts at the rear. Make sure your external surfaces of the car forming a water tight geometry.

This will save you significant amount of resources with only a very little change in the accuracy of your resultant external forces.
2. Tires are not touching the ground exactly. These sharp angles occuring between the tires and ground will cost you a great quality reduction in your mesh. Please have a look at this project to have some idea on how to fix this issue.
3. There are lots of small features at your geometry such as: the cockpit control panel, letters below the car. These features are asssumed to have little effect on your solution, so removing them will save you lots of resources with almost no change in your solution.
4. Main body of the car consists of only one face which will poorly affect the accuracy of surface meshing on this face. Split the faces if possible in the CAD mode, or in your CAD software.

To create successfull meshes, we need to make sure we have a clean geometry at first. So please have a look at the following page as well.

Hope these help.

Good Day,

yes it helps, but I’m unable to do the necessary operation to make the Mesh work. I’m not sure what exactly is self intersecting and so. Anyway you can help me out?

Kind regards Matthew

Hello Matthew! At this point, it’s difficult to obtain the self-intersecting parts, since your intersecting face (face539) is a one big surface part (faceted part) containing great amount of your faces.

.stl formats may contain faceted parts. If possible export your geometry with a different file format such as: parasolid, stp or Rhino.
You can use facet split with a custom angle, which will introduce seperate faces depending on the input angle.
If none of them are possible, you can manually split your STL outside of SimScale and import them as seperate STL files. Please have a look at here to have more information on faceted parts.

As a side note, .stl formats are not usually generated for simulation purposes. The geometry on your dashboard will require further clean up, and modifications.