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The meshing algorithm failed with a floating point exception

Hello. I am doing an incompressible simulation on one of my diffuser models. But during meshing, it shows this floating-point error.

I have checked the post regarding the floating-point error which says that my turbulence values are zero. I am and have been using default values for a long time but I haven’t encountered any such problems before. Can anyone guide me through this problem?

(Also you free to check out my diffuser model and give any suggestions on it :wink: )

Link to my project:

Checkout simulation named 30-10 DD for the problem!

Thanks in advance

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Hey Mihir,
I will have a look and inform you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Hi again,

this issue can be created for many reasons, and most of them are listed here: Error: Floating point exception
However, for cases with material point-based meshes, it is common that this error is created because of the coordinates of the material point. So, what you can do next time, is to try to relocate the point somewhere close.
I used the coordinates below, and the mesh was successfully created:


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I did the changes in this. But is there any specific reason this is happening?

Also, I have placed material point this far in earlier iterations too but no error like this happened then while running sims.

Thanks in advance

Hi again, I did not mention that I changed the bounding box resolution too:
bounding box resolution
I read a while ago in an OpenFoam forum that this happens because the material point is placed on the boundaries of a cell, and it is suggested that the coordinates are set with a lot of decimals, so this doesn’t happen.
If I find this post again, I will let you know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support. I still am not getting the reason for the placement of material point. If I am understanding your point correctly, I shouldn’t place the material point on the edge of any meshed cell. It would be really difficult to figure out where the potential edge of a cell would come before the start of the mesh.

Also, I tried meshing after bringing the material point closer to the body, still, it failed.

Along with you, I would also like to tag @dschroeder and @yosukegb4 to help out as they helped me with my previous question on the forum

Thanks in advance!!


I unfortunately cannot help with this situation as i dont have much experience with these types of problems. If another power user doesnt know what the problem could be then someone from the simscale staff has to get involved.


Thanks, Dan for trying. Perhaps I need help from @jousefm.

Thanks in advance for the help