The mesh could not be generated

Hi everyone,
I have a problem on two of my mesh that not allow me to work on my project.
I cannot generate my mesh because I have an error : “The mesh could not be generated. Increasing the mesh fineness or adding local refinements to geometrical details potentially fixes this issue. Please contact our support for further assistance.”
I have this error on two of my project : SimScale and SimScale
What is really strange is that I have generate other meshes with similar CADs and without any problem.
Please give me more information as soon as possible.
Thank you very much.
ISAT Formula Team

Hi ISAT FS Team,

In order to generate the mesh please try to further defeature your CAD model.
For example, the junctions of the different bodywork panels have a loot of small features like this wich increase the fines of the mesh and can lead to such problems.

What I would suggest is to create a union all of the faces and fill the gabs in between.

Please let me know if this helped.

Bes regards

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for your answer, I’m going to test this idea.
However, I have some difficulties to understand why, for similar geometries and with exactly same mesh, I can generate my mesh, but no for these projects.
Furthermore, for this project : SimScale I have already done the union of all the solid but I have also the same problem.

If you can answer my questions, it will be a pleasure for me to read you.

ISAT Formula Team

Hi Team ISAT

This all comes down to the quality of your CAD Upload.
In general, the CAD File should have no CAD Faults.
Mostly this means that the parts should not intersect. But also tiny gaps or sharp edges can be an issue.


I would suggest you to first try to use the standard mesher as it’s more robust when it comes to low CAD Quality
Another benefit of the standard mesher is that it will log the point, where it cannot generate a mesh.

A workflow on how to create a Mesh for a FS car can be found here:

Best regards

Hi Mister,

We have try a lot of different options in order to generate our meshes but no one had been generated.
Furthermore, on this forum, I find a lot of messages identical to mine so my question is : Have you done an update or something like this that make more sensitive the mesh generation?

Thank a lot

We are currently made a new version of body for our car and I hope that can be the solution