The desired residual of the MUMPS solver could not be achieved

I have been trying to run this simulation so many times, but have not succeeded yet, I tried to increase the mesh and to use the automatic contact detection only, but it is still coming up with this error.
project link;

Hello, and thank you for using the Forum! Following error is caused usually due to low mesh quality. There are two ways to resolve this error. First one is increasing the mesh quality further which will require more work, but will result in more accurate results. In order to improve mesh quality, you can either use local, region refinement zones or modify some of the problematic parts in your geometry. One of the examples, below is a region with a mesh quality lower than other parts. These little faces can be deleted, or united so they will form a single face. This will increase the mesh quality significantly.

Please have a look at this page to have more information on how to detect bad quality elements in your mesh and improve mesh quality.

Second option is to increase the target residual value. In the solver log of your latest simulation, you can see that the computed residual is around 1.44e-4, and the acceptable residual is 1e-5.

You can go ahaed and change the acceptable residual value, under the Numerics/Linear system relative residual with a desired value (let’s say in your case with 2e-4). However, keep in mind that this method may decrease the accuracy of your simulation, and should be used if only a greater mesh quality can not be achieved.
Please have a look at this page as well for more information on MUMPS residual not achieved error.
Hope this helps.