Subdomain error/ Vehicle simulation set up

Thanks! I just set it up like it looks and tried to start a simulation, but got his error:
There are settings defined in the simulation setup which have empty assignments and hence will be ignored for the simulation run. Names of the settings that will be ignored: Subdomain 1

Could that be because I have nothing assigned here, and if so, what do I have to assign?

Also, could you take a look at my project and see if the setup in total is fine?


Hey there, this is a warning, which indicates that you have set an unassigned Subdomain under the initial conditions. You can either delete this, or ignore the warning (I suggest you do the deleting though):

Regarding your set up, I have two questions:

  1. How did you calculate the rotational velocity of your wheels? ( ω =U/r , where U is the linear velocity and r the radius of the wheel)
  2. What did you use as a reference length for your coefficients under the Results Control? (It should be the length of the car across the y-axis)

Please change the direction of your forces according to your orientation cube, Lift is Iz, Drag is dy , Pitch is x (-1 as it is negative x-direction). Have a look here under the Results control.

Finally, It would also help to activate the potential flow initialization. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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  1. I calculated it by dividing 20/0,0245, where 20 is the velocity and 0,0245 is the radius of the wheels in meters.
  2. For the Reference Length, I used the length of the vehicle across the y axis which is 0.1765 meters

I changed the force directions, so that’s all good. Do I have to assign anything to the region refinements, and if so, what exactly? In the tutorial its not possible to assign anything so thats why im asking.


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Ah I see, this is not a full scale vehicle :slight_smile: Then it should be alright!
Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Yeah its for a school competition :slight_smile: I’ll try it now

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I managed to finish the Analysis and I’m trying to get some nice screenshots of it now, but the particle trace looks VERY weird, what happend there?

Try to ‘experiment’ with the settings a little bit:

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I think it looks pretty good now, what do you think?

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Much better, you can also add an Animation of the streamlines in your presentation :slight_smile:

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I just did :slight_smile: We can’t use it in the presentation tho because its only pictures I believe, I’ll still record it tho

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