Stress testing a bridge with static load for some reason does not work

Howdy there,
I am new to this CAE software and when I tried to run a bridge through a static load test, I selected the top two faces (which is where the load would be sitting in real life) and made the whole of the block underneath, a fixed support. I am getting this error for some reason. Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong.


HI SilentWillow,
thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.
It seems like you have some issue with the boundary condition setup.
Can you please share the link to your project with us so that we can have a look at it.

Also, you maybe want to have a look at this tutorial about linear static analysis.

Best regards

Hello SBlock,
I managed to get the test completed and I got the stress test results (All I had to do was set the fixed support on the very ends of the bridge and selected the top of the two bars which are on top of the bridge as the load).

Hello SilentWillow,

that’s great to see. hope you got good results to work with.

Best regards